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Yellow Cracked Toenails DCS-46-24

Yellow Cracked Big Toenail

Males and Females 18+

8 weeks/ 4 returns

Pays $350

You will not be able to paint your toenails.

Your big toenail must be thicked, yellow, & cracked.
You will be able to treat one big toe nail or both.

You must wear a mask during all office visits.
You can't be pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. If you become pregnant during a study, please let us know!
The enrollment visit is for Dr. Draelos to go over the qualifications for the study. Signing up does not guarantee you will be in the study. You will find out if you qualify at the enrollment visit.
Zoe Diana Draelos, MD
Dermatology Consulting Services, PLLC
2444 North Main St. High Point, NC 27262

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