About Our Office

Our goal is to meet your dermatologic needs with our research activities. Dr. Draelos is skilled at developing new medications and skin care products. Our office is a friendly caring environment staffed by highly trained professionals. We want to make your research visit a wonderful experience!

Our office is unique in that we are able to address all areas of dermatology research. Dr. Draelos is an expert in hair conditions, including hair growth and hair loss. She has worked for many manufacturers of hair shampoos and hair care products. She understands the cosmetic and medical issues that affect all hair types including straight, curly, and kinky. As a matter of fact, she has written a textbook on hair and hair care for other practicing dermatologists and also for training dermatology residents.

Dr. Draelos also is an expert in cosmetic dermatology. She wrote the first textbook entitled Cosmetics in Dermatology in 1991, which was the first medical book on the topic. This book is now in its third edition. She understands the manufacture, formulation, and proper use of cosmetics and skin care products.

In addition, Dr. Draelos teaches other dermatologists and dermatology residents cosmetic dermatology. She has been a board member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the organization that oversees the surgical education of dermatologists. In addition, she has been a board member for the American Academy of Dermatology, the organization that oversees the medical education of dermatologists. She is currently doing research on new anti-aging skin care products, nutritional supplements, and cosmetic procedures.

Finally, Dr. Draelos is an expert at treating all skin conditions requiring the most advanced dermatology drugs. She is a board certified dermatologist and can conduct research involving medical skin diseases and appearance related issues.