Subject Recruitment

Subject recruitment is achieved through a variety of means. These include IRB approved posters and newspaper ads. Recruitment also occurs from a large database of clinical and research subjects. Dermatology Consulting Services is also able to participate in sponsor provided patient recruitment activities.

Recruitment is efficiently accomplished through a dedicated recruitment coordinator who maintains the computerized database. The office utilizes a unique customized database updating system that allows searches for certain skin conditions, skin type, ethnicity, and age. Subject panels can be assembled to meet any specific sponsor needs. In addition, Dermatology Consulting Services uses a block enrollment technique to shorten study run time by minimizing the enrollment period. Studies from 1-300 subjects can be efficiently recruited to meet customized inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Dr. Draelos personally examines and consents each and every subject to be sure their enrollment will provide the best data possible for a research project. She feels that subject selection is the key to project success and her presence at all research recruitment sessions, as well as her presence at all research activities conducted by Dermatology Consulting Services, provides optimal recruiting and consistency of results. Her 30 years of research experience combined with a dedicated recruitment staff allow attention to detail that delivers excellence.