Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you for any research or clinical dermatology interests you may have!


To reach us by mail for our clinical or research center:

Zoe Diana Draelos, MD
2444 North Main Street
High Point, NC 27262


You may contact us for research study enrollment information only at the email listed below. This is a not clinical information site. You must contact our office by phone if you would like a clinical appointment.

Appointment Phone

To reach us by phone for a clinical appointment:

phone (336) 841-2040

Please leave a message on our answering machine if we are unable to answer the phone. We will contact your for an appointment on the next business day.

To reach us by fax for a clinical appointment:

fax (336) 841-2044

Research Phone

You may leave a voice message anytime of the day or night for us regarding any of our studies at the following number:

direct research message line (336) 841-SKIN