Dermatology Consulting Services is administered by Zoe Diana Draelos, MD. She specializes in studies that investigate all aspects of dermatology, including diseases and normal care of the skin, hair, or nails. Dermatology Consulting Services can develop a research project, write the protocol, organize the source documents and case report forms, prepare the Institutional Review Board papers, gain Institutional Review Board approval, administer the study, perform the photography or noninvasive tests required, collect the data, enter the data into spreadsheet form, perform the statistical analysis, and write a final report. In addition, the final data can be reported in manuscript, poster, or oral form. In short, Dermatology Consulting Services can complete a project from start to finish in a short time frame to meet ambitious goals. These activities are conducted on prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and cosmetics. Each type of study is conducted with the same scientific accuracy.

Dermatology Consulting Services can function as the sole research site on a project or function as one of several sites, contracting either with sponsors directly or with a contract research organization (CRO). Please contact Dr. Draelos with questions or for the development of research proposals.